About Company

SPE "Vektor" - ukrainian manufacturer of power tools, the quality is proven over many years by our best engineers and our customers.

Specialty Tool TM "Vektor" - home repairs. But this does not preclude their use by professionals, because main properties are primarily:

  • quality
  • reliability
  • convenience
  • acceptable price

The entire range of TM "Vektor" is produced in China (Ninbo), under the supervision of ukrainian senior engineers, as well as keeping all the european standards.

Our products can be called born in Ukraine, as for many years of development, only ukrainian engineers brought home the formula tool that meets a variety of needs, regardless of the qualifications of the person. It is primarily:

  • simple operation
  • safety of use
  • accuracy of work

SPE "Vektor" constantly monitors the power tools market trends so that our customers have always been familiar with new trends and improved their skills.

We have great respect for our customers and appreciate their choice, so give and after-sales service in our service centers throughout Ukraine.