New: Winter 2014

At the end of the outgoing year the SPA "Vektor" presents to you another new products!

At this time, our product range of power tools add a new electric drill VED-560, generators VBG-4000 and VBG-4000E, as well as the first time we present gas soldering irons VGP-P1 and VGP-R1.

The characteristic feature of the new drill VED-560 is a mobility, which provides light weight and compact size. You can easily use the tool in a confined space, it doesn’t affect the reliability loss, because the design of the support shaft has two bearings and ergonomically comfortable rubber grip provides comfort and convenience for user.

The new sections in "Generators": generator VBG-4000  with manual start and generator VBG-4000E with an electric starter. Engine power of these models - 7.5 hp, and maximum power generators - 3 kWt, fuel tank - 15 l. Autonomous operating time on one filling of about 8 hours.

Finally, gas soldering irons TM "Vektor" VGP-P1 (with piezo-ignition) and VGP-R1 (with manual ignition), the scope of which is diverse:
- As you can use a soldering iron to solder components, circuits and wiring in places where there is no access to electricity, as well as a standalone burner for wood and plastic.
- As a hot air gun you can easily perform the heat shrinkages heating, melting, brazing, heating of various metal and synthetic materials, soldering pastes with tissues.
- As a burner is used to ignite the fire in nature, the heating of liquids in medical flasks, melting and soldering of many non-ferrous metals.
Become indispensable tips for people of different professions and hobbies, namely electricians, tourists, fishermen, employees of chemical laboratories, jewelers, decorators clothing (tailoring), confectioners (heating in the manufacture of chocolate figures and inscriptions), and others.