New: Autumn 2014

SPA Vektor presents new of autumn 2014!
Mini drill-engraver – multifunctional home tool, mainly intended for wood, glass, textolite, plastic, metal.

You can do:

  • application of engravings
  • milling
  • grinding
  • drilling
  • surface cleaning


  • low price
  • easy using
  • compact and lightweight
  • low noise during  the work
  • universality because of variety of baits
  • high accuracy of all work

TM “Vektor” has two kinds of mini-drills engravers:

-          Mini-drill engraver VMG-300 – affordable tool for home worker, staffed robust plastic case, has an ergonomic design, rubber pads, flexible shaft, equipped with nozzles of 40 pieces.

-          Mini-drill engraver VMG-450 is the semi-tool, has an innovative design, flexible shaft, push-button adjustment of speed with display, optional removable handle for easy operation, milling nozzle with installation depth scale. The set includes 120 nozzles and plastic case with metal clasps for storage and transportation the tool.

Another new one from TM “Vektor”, presented at the Ukrainian market, is laser-vacuum level VLVU-6M, which will help to do layout and rough cut work fast and easy.

Unique assembly of VLVU-6M allows easy attach it to any surface because of the integrated mini compressor. The tool has multi-functional facilities: the water level, laser level, drill guide and dust collector.
You don’t need to support it by hands, the level sticks to any surface, all what you should do is center the bubbles and turn on the vacuum function.
For the most accurate work use the laser level, mark your positions drilling and start to work, all around will be clean due to the dust collector. At the end of work turn off VLVU-6M.
Powered by batteries (AA batteries are not included).